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Why choose an SBF school?

There are many reasons for choosing a state boarding school for your child. Here are just a few;

Excellent Education

All state boarding schools follow the National Curriculum and pupils take the same exams as they would in a state day school. Whilst the exams are the same, the performance exceeds that of many other schools with state boarding schools frequently featuring at the top of league tables. This applies to selective and non-selective schools.

Top quality boarding facilities

By selecting a state boarding school parents are choosing top quality boarding care. Many schools have new boarding houses with state-of-the-art facilities and staff that are totally committed to the well-being of the children.

When you can get top quality education combined with state-of-the-art boarding facilities it is easy to see why so many parents choose state boarding education for their children. 

Wide choice of schools

Parents will usually find a school that meets their requirements - however specific they are. There are selective schools and comprehensive schools: co-ed and single-sex schools: primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges: specialists in many different subjects: all boarding or minority boarding. The schools are spread throughout England.