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Keswick School ‘talk to the animals’

Thursday 11th February 2021

Could there be a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in autumn than by walking alpacas?  No was the cry from our Year 7 – 9 boarders. The group made the short walk to Lingholm Estate where they met their furry friends for the afternoon.  Once each student was paired up with their alpaca they headed off on a walk with a very knowledgeable guide from ‘Alpacaly Ever After’.  The guide instructed the boarders on how to look after the animals whilst walking with them and how their daily care needs are met with regard to diet, health etc.  

Listening to the delight of the children’s excitable chatter when certain alpacas were naughty or slow or tried to nibble their coats was lovely to hear and a welcome distraction during the pandemic.  We are so lucky at Keswick School to live in the Lake District and have the lakeshore and mountains on our doorstep to explore at every opportunity.  The only difference today was we took some alpacas with us J

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