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Fun, fun, fun for Keswick School Boarders

Wednesday 7th October 2020

Amidst the ‘new normal’ old boarders have settled into the new Autumn term and stepped up to help staff in welcoming and settling in our new boarders in all year groups. 

The boarders have enjoyed a host of fun activities after school and over the last few weekends. 

These include; a town quiz, ‘Olympic’ sports fun, mountain biking, monster paddle boarding, a walk around Lake Derwentwater, escape rooms and laser tag.   

Even during our short period of Covid-isolation we held quizzes, watched DVDs, played games and took to the school fields after day pupils had gone home to litter pick. 

Those few days are when the boarders really bonded with one another much quicker than under normal circumstances. We now have our prefects taking younger boarders to community activities and appointments and generally looking out for each other.   

Parents are very reassured by the system we have in place for boarders to cope with homesickness and being busy with many distractions is key.   As nights begin to draw in and days become colder, activities will be adapted to suit the season and boarders can be confident that weekends will remain exciting. Activities to look forward to include walking with llamas, ice skating, a ghost walk, trip to wildlife park…..and the list goes on

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