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German boarder earns six A*

Thursday 20th October 2016

We think it may be up there with nationally outstanding results.  Alex Wettig, one of our German boarders, achieved A* in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, History, German (of course) and an A* in his EPQ project which comfortably secured his place at Trinity College, Cambridge to study Engineering.  This is pretty amazing when you consider that Alex was studying A level in a foreign language in 4 of those subjects.


He came back to Liverpool College last week with his parents to say his goodbyes and thank yous to the staff, in a typically self-effacing way saying, ‘I couldn’t have done it without you, sir’, to every member of staff!


Interestingly, Alex turned down an offer from Porsche in Germany to become an apprentice engineer and be sponsored through university at home.  We wish Alex many congratulations and good luck as he starts the second part of his UK education at Cambridge. 

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