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State Boarding School Leads League Table 2008

Thursday 28th August 2008


Congratulations to the staff and pupils of all the state boarding schools who achieved such success recorded in last week’s A level results and IB results.

The Independent recorded Hockerill Anglo European College as the top comprehensive school in the country. With all its sixth form pupils taking IB, the school saw those pupils score an average worth more than four A grades at A level – 533.2 points.

Hockerill Anglo European College has been top of the table for the last three years, ever since the new points tariff allowed its International Baccalaureate (IB) results to be compared to A level examination grades.

IB candidates study 6 subjects and the examination is becoming increasingly popular with pupils and parents seeking breadth of study rather than narrower specialisation. But Hockerill is unusual in having never taught A levels. It has been strictly an IB school since its Sixth Form opened in 1998.

State boarding schools also featuring in The Independent’s list of top 50 comprehensives were Gordon’s School (39), Old Swinford Hospital (41) and Wymondham College (50). In The Guardian’s list, Wymondham came in at 13th.


Peter Symonds College, also a state boarding school, came 4th in the Independent’s list of colleges.


Second in The Independent’s list of top grammar schools was SBSA’s Colchester Royal Grammar School, with pupils averaging 580.5 points. Lancaster Royal Grammar School came 14th, with Ripon Grammar School at 20th and Adams’ Grammar School at 48th place.

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