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Benefits of boarding

Modern boarding is a flexible option – many state boarding schools offer weekly as well as termly boarding

By visiting some schools with your child you will be able to choose the most suitable one. All schools have arrangements for helping new boarders to settle in and the great majority of boarders get used to their new surroundings very quickly. However, if any do experience problems help is always at hand.

Boarding in the sixth form a popular option for many pupils as it is an excellent preparation for university life or employment away from home. Many state boarding schools have sixth forms and there is one further education college.

Who can be a boarder at a state boarding school?

State boarding schools welcome children from all backgrounds. They can admit UK and other European Union nationals. Children from outside the EU need to have the right of residence in the UK before they can be accepted as a boarder.

Applications from BN(O) status holders and their dependents will need to be completed as part of a family unit, as such a dependant will not be able to independently attend a UK boarding school (i.e. lawfully under the immigration rules) without the BN(O) citizen taking up the new immigration route on offer to BN(O)s and their dependants.

Essentially, there will be no change in process for BN(O)s who wish to send their children to school in the UK while they remain in Hong Kong; they will still need to do so on the basis of a Tier 4 visa.

The Government set out its plans for the future points-based immigration system in, ‘The UK's points-based immigration system’, in February 2020 and provided further details in its policy statement, ‘UK points-based immigration system