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Armed Forces

Forces families are encouraged to consider state boarding schools when choosing a boarding school. Many are surprised to find that, in fact, state boarding schools could easily be mistaken for independent schools. Boarding facilities are comfortable and homely, sports and academic facilities are top class and many SBSA schools top national league tables. With so much going for them, state boarding schools are an attractive and realistic option for Forces families.

The Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) provided to qualifying MOD families is currently up to £6,669 per term. The amount of funding available is significantly higher than the cost of boarding at any SBSA school, with state boarding schools typically charging around £4,000 per term. As with any boarding school the MOD would expect you to pay 10% of charges so, for a state boarding school charging £4,000 per term, your contribution would be £400 per term.

Some Forces families receive further assistance in the form of Childcare Vouchers and these can be put towards the 10% parental contribution.